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Although stephanotis flowers are not part of the jasmine family, their most popular species is sometimes called the Madagascar jasmine or the waxflower. Native to Madagascar and Southeast Asia, stephanotis blooms typically come in stunning whites accentuated by waxy sheens. In addition, their surrounding oval-shaped leaves enhance this flower’s uniquely delightful appearance.

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These perennial flowers are native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Consisting of around 30 different species, peonies grow in various beautiful blooms and delectable fragrances. Fresh-cut peonies are commonly featured in weddings as they symbolize love and romance. When refrigerated, peony buds can survive for up to 12 weeks, extending the longevity of their […]

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Sometimes referred to as buttercup, there are around 500 species of ranunculus. Ranunculus can be found throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. Their intricately layered petals bloom in almost every hue you can imagine. Fresh-cut ranunculus sometimes thrives for over a week in a vase, making these flowers ideal for multi-day events. […]

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Lilies are grown from bulbs, feature stunningly large blooms, and reach heights up to six feet; Our Crystal Blanca lilies exemplify these features. Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, there may be 100 species of lilies throughout the world. Species like the trumpet lily may have over 20 blossoms on a single stem! Lilies […]

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One of the most popular flowers for any occasion, roses are available in a diverse number of eye-catching varieties. From English tea roses to grandifloras, there are almost too many colorations and petal styles to count. These perennial flowers grow throughout South America, Europe, and certain regions of Africa.

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