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Sometimes referred to as blue milkweed, tweedia blooms feature illuminating shades of light blues and purples. This perennial flower symbolizes harmony and tranquility, making it a fantastic choice for bridal bouquets. Additionally, tweedia produces star-shaped flowers and is known for its felt-like texture and delectable scent.

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Dahlias bloom in various colors, including pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, white, and even multi-color varieties. Their flowers range from 2-inches all the way up to 15-inches in diameter. Native to Mexico and Central America, dahlias are a popular choice for all settings, often featured as garnishes on exquisite cuisine plates. Come wedding season, and […]

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Freesia flowers are a popular bloom worldwide. Symbolic of fidelity and purity, freesia flowers are a staple of many wedding bouquets and arrangements. In addition, some varieties of freesia blooms are a favorite choice for Mother’s Day. Freesia flowers emit a citrusy, sweet fragrance, providing a multisensory experience for anyone in its vicinity.

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Calla Lily

Did you know that the calla lily is not actually classified as a lily? Part of the Araceae family of flowers, calla lilies personify rebirth and are commonly seen in summer bouquets. Their tall stems and trumpet-shaped blooms can accentuate nearly any type of floral arrangement. As a result, Calla lilies are incredibly fashionable during […]

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Also known as the Lily of the Incas, alstroemeria flowers grow in over 120 species. Alstroemeria blooms symbolize friendship and faithfulness, making them highly sought after for weddings, anniversaries, and other relationship milestones. Many of these brightly colored blooms feature intricate speckle patterns, adding to their allure.

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Sometimes confused with the larkspur, delphiniums were named after delphis, a Greek word meaning dolphin, which their blooms resemble. Delphinium flowers’ mesmerizing deep blue coloration makes them exceedingly popular for weddings. Delphiniums also feature distinguishingly long stems, adding a vertical dimensional aesthetic to your floral arrangement.

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Vanda Orchid

Native to the tropical regions of Asia, you may also find vanda orchids in the warm climates of Northern Australia and the Pacific islands. The vanda orchid is popularly featured in floral wedding arrangements, representing love and femininity. These stunning blooms often include hues of purple and violet and possess biological characteristics which enable them […]

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King Protea

Native to South Africa and grown in the US, king protea comes in over 80 varieties. King protea’s name comes from the Greek god Proteus, known for his ability to shapeshift; this is most likely because king proteas bloom in a wide range of shapes and colors. King protea is a favorite of many brides […]

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Lily of the Valley

Known for its pearl-colored, bell-shaped blooms, the lily of the valley is native to Asia, Europe, and North America. This flower’s subtle beauty and association with love make it a popular choice for royal brides throughout European nations. Lily of the valley is such a beloved bloom that France celebrates Lily of the Valley Day […]

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Also known as Eustoma or prairie gentian, lisianthus is native to North and South America and the Caribbean islands. Lisianthus blooms typically feature large bell shapes in purple, pink, and white hues; however, certain types blossom in stunning yellows and reds. These perennial flowers are perfect for weddings and almost any setting or occasion featuring […]

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