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Also known as the Lily of the Incas, alstroemeria flowers grow in over 120 species. Alstroemeria blooms symbolize friendship and faithfulness, making them highly sought after for weddings, anniversaries, and other relationship milestones. Many of these brightly colored blooms feature intricate speckle patterns, adding to their allure.

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Dutch Hydrangea

Dutch-grown hydrangeas feature several unique characteristics. Their propensity to change colors as they continue to grow through the seasons is one of their more noteworthy qualities. When they initially bloom, Dutch Hydrangeas are known as “fresh” hydrangeas when cut early in the season, while the blooms cut later on are of the “classic” variety. Fresh […]

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Often referred to as wool flowers or cockscomb, celosia blooms feature exotic shapes and grow in a range of striking hues. Many celosia flowers bloom into figures comparable to coral, providing an extraordinarily distinctive look to bouquets and floral arrangements. In addition, certain species of celosia have edible parts, and people sometimes use them for […]

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Pincushion Flower

While there are many unique types of pincushion flowers, the Giant Orange Nodding Pincushion produces some of the most eye-catching blooms. Also known as the Flame Giant, these pincushions feature tight-knit clusters of tiny flowers, forming flower heads up to six inches in width. Pincushion flowers can live nearly three weeks in a vase, preserving […]

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Bird of Paradise

Originating in South Africa and grown in Hawaii, the bird of paradise is also known as the Crane Flower. Each of these flower’s buds contains a fusion of orange and blue petals, and when in bloom, they emulate the grace of a bird in flight. In addition, the bird of paradise is a symbol of […]

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Also referred to as the Smile Orchid, Mokara Orchids were initially grown in Singapore and now thrive in Hawaii. Mokara blooms in various stunning shades ranging from vibrant purples to dazzling yellows and golds. Each Mokara stem features up to 15 flowers which can last over two weeks in a vase. This tropical orchid grows […]

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Love Laughter and Happily Ever after ~it’s officially wedding season! What’s your style?

Classic, Elegant, Whimsical, Exotic, Beachy, Cascading or Simply Stunning No matter what color, shape, or size you choose for the big day, know that each type of flower holds a special meaning. A flower can symbolize love, joy, fascination, grace, and beauty. It can be used to show honor, courage, strength, and friendship. Traditionally, before […]

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There are hundreds of allium species, and some of the most popular types include the allium ambassador, Globemaster, universe, and giganteum. Allium blooms consist of clusters of delicate florets, blossoming in white, pink, purple, blue, and yellow hues. Although these flowers grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere, many allium species derive from China. Admired for its […]

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Commonly referred to as sea holly, eryngo, or blue thistle, eryngium flowers are native to parts of Europe and Central Asia. Eryngium blooms consist of an abundance of tiny flowers in violets and blues. Adding to this flower’s unique beauty, eryngium leaves grow in blue, purple, green, and silver colorations. In the past, eryngium was […]

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Also known as Eustoma or prairie gentian, lisianthus is native to North and South America and the Caribbean islands. Lisianthus blooms typically feature large bell shapes in purple, pink, and white hues; however, certain types blossom in stunning yellows and reds. These perennial flowers are perfect for weddings and almost any setting or occasion featuring […]

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