Classic Floral Inc.

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Where do they come from?

At Classic Floral Inc. we import from the most reliable and trusted sources.  Our flowers come mainly from Holland where we have a very strong connection with many fresh flower providers.  We also have connections with the most well known farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Canada, and the United States.


What kind of flowers do you carry?

Classic Floral Inc. offers the most beautiful and high quality types of flowers, including  but not limited to Dutch Hydrangeas,  Peonies (Red Charm, Coral Charm, White Duchesse and Sarah Bernhardt), Tulips, a huge range of Southern-imported Roses, Garden Roses, and Hydrangeas (white, blue, lime green, mini green, bicolor, etc.), Potted Phalaenopsis Orchids (ranging from one to six stems).  We also import rare and amazing flowers!


Is there a list of all the flower types you carry?

Click here to see the extensive list!


What else can you do for me?

Classic Floral Inc. will happily import almost anything that our valued customers prefer, as well.  Please visit our Contact Page and enter your request!


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